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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does a Minder bring their own food?

A. Yes, this is what the food allowance is for. They may use basic cupboard ingredients, ie condiments and oils, and the use of kitchen appliances and tools if agreed with the client.

Q. Will a Minder allow their friends or family into my home?

A. No, on no account, unless authorised by a client, will any unauthorised person be allowed entry to the property of a client.

Q. Are the Minders allowed to to leave the property?

A. Yes, a Minder needs to shop, and run errands etc. just the same as a client would do in normal life. If you do not want a Minder to leave your property unattended we will strive to provide a couple, this will be charged at an additional £30.00 per day plus £6.00 food allowance per day as we technically only provide the services of one Minder, although it is not uncommon for couples to share the sit.

Q. Are you insured?

A. Yes, the company and the Minders are insured by Cliverton Insurance.

Q. Can my dogs be exercised off the lead?

A. Yes, all of our Minders will ask this on a pre-visit. Our insurance will not cover any injuries, accidents to the dog or any third party. If an owner wishes their dog to be exercised off lead we will take this as an indication that the dog has good recall response in any eventuality.

Q. What happen’s if my dog comes into season?

A. The Minder will care as normal for the dog but we will not cover the dog on our insurance if it is walked or if homed with a male dog.

Q. Will a Minder take my pet in their car if I request?

A. Some Minders will. This must be discussed on booking. Petminders Unlimited and the Minders will inform you that your pets are not covered by insurance whilst in transit. If the client’s car is to be used by the Minder. Insurance cover must be in force. The client is responsible for checking that the Minder is legally entitled to drive the vehicle and advising insurers accordingly.

Q. How do I pay?

A. Firstly, to confirm your booking you will need to pay Petminders Unlimited agency fee within six weeks of your booking. An Invoice will be forwarded to you via email or post along with your confirmation letter.

Your Minder is then paid his/her/their daily allowance on arrival at the sit. You can pay them on arrival in cash or leave a pre-dated cheque. Please consult your Minder as to their preference.

Q. Do you charge extra for public holidays?

A. Your Minder at their discretion may charge up to double time for public holidays, please be aware of this when booking.

Q. Do your charges cover the Minder’s travelling costs?

A. No, travelling costs must be negotiated and agreed with your Minder in advance.

Q. What happens if a Minder breaks anything?

A. We ask all clients to have their own household insurance to cover everyday breakages and normal wear and tear. We ask to be notified immediately so the matter can be discussed with the Minder and if we agree that the fault lies with our services we will consult with our insurance company to ensure that the matter can be dealt with to everybody’s satisfaction.

Q. Will my home be clean and tidy on my return?

A. Our Minders are very conscientious people and will leave your home clean and tidy, if time allows bedding will be stripped, washed and dried.

Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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