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Pet Minding Services

Pet Minding Services

Leave your pets safe in the knowledge they are being looked after by our friendly staff, who are fully trained and insured.
Our services include:

Residential Pet Minding

The Pet Minder will live in your home whilst you are away and look after your animals as if they were their own.  The Minders will follow your instructions with regard to feeding. Walking etc., will keep your house clean, water the plants and be responsible for general security. They will arrive in plenty of time before your departure to receive your instructions and wish you ‘Bon Voyage’ and will be there with a welcoming smile on your return.

The costs, for a Residential sit are as follows:

An Agency Reservation Fee: £8.00 per day (The Agency Fee is payable direct to Petminders Unlimited to confirm the Booking)

1 dog   £34 a day plus £8 a day agency fee
2 dogs £36 a day plus £8 a day agency fee
3 dogs £38 a day plus £8 a day agency fee
4 dogs £44 a day plus £8 a day agency fee
5 dogs £52 a day plus £8 a day agency fee
This is all dogs being walked together for 1 hour – extra walks will be priced £9 for a 45 minute walk for every 2 dogs please discuss this with your minder upon meeting.
The Agency fee will need to be paid in advance to secure your booking.
Bank holidays and public holidays can be charged by the minder up to double the normal rates please discuss this along with any fuel costs the minder requires.

Additional Pets are charged as follows: Dogs £2.00 per day | Cats £1.00 per day

Some Pet Minders are very happy to look after horses and even unusual pets. Charges for these will be by negotiation between yourself and the Pet Minder, but you are asked to let the Agency know when booking so that a suitable Pet Minder can be found. Should you need taking to/collecting from the airport/port/station please discuss this with the Agency as Petminders Ltd are often glad to help

On the arrival of the Pet Minder, he/she will go through a thorough check list with you to ensure that everything is covered. Please make sure that there is sufficient food for your pets, or let the Pet Minder know that more will need to be bought. At the conclusion of the sit, the Pet Minder will give you an invoice for the Daily Fee plus any additional costs for extra animals or animal food purchased


Some people, particularly those with one, or two dogs, are not very keen on putting their pets into kennels whilst they are away, and would much prefer them to be looked after in a home environment, and this is where the Foster Pet Minder comes in. He/she will take your pet into their own home and look after it as if it were their own, giving it all the loving that you would in your home, with all the walks, treats and home comforts that you lavish on your pet.

The costs are as follows:

An Agency Reservation Fee:  £4.00 per day for one dog, £6.00 per day for two dogs.  (The Agency Fee is payable direct to Petminders Unlimited to confirm the Booking)

A Pet Minder charge of: 1 Dog £20.00, 2 dogs £30.00 per day, additional dogs £10.00 per day per dog

The Visiting Pet Minder

You want to go out for the day, just visiting friends or relatives and it is impossible to take your pet/s with you, or you just fancy that well earned shopping trip and lunch out in your favourite pub/restaurant – what you really want is for someone to call in, perhaps feed the pets, give the dogs a walk and give them all a bit of loving for a while! Well, this is where the Visiting Pet Minder comes in – he/she will do just that. This service is also ideal for clients who need to be away for a few days and only have cats.

The costs are as follows:

An Agency Reservation Fee of £3.00 per day (The Agency Fee is payable direct to Petminders Unlimited to confirm the Booking)

From £7.50 half hour plus petrol charged at 45p a mile

Dog walking service – if you are away for the day or have to stay late at work or do not want to get your feet wet we are now offering  a quick book dog walking service to people in the Wiltshire area.
An insured minder will collect and walk your dog for 45 minutes on the lead from your home and return after whether you are there or not
Price £9 a dog £11 for two dogs from the same household.
This service is purely a dog walk service where we will collect and return and ensure water is available.


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